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How to choose a Fabulous New Hair Colour – Top 5 Tips

Exclusive Hampstead HairdressersHow to choose a new hair colour – Choosing a new hair colour is a fabulous, moment – the right colour can be an instant confidence boost, expressing your unique style and personality.  To get that hot hairstyle of ideal shade, there are five crucial factors to consider. 

1.  Trust your Loreal Colour Expert, not the box and your hands.  Especially if you are colouring for the first time, try to avoid colouring your hair at home.  Why?  Just like the difference between painting your nails and going to a beauty bar, the professional always does a better job.  No brainer, because it’s their job!  

Many mistakes can be made at home, for example not leaving the product on your hair for the optimum time, which can lead to unexpected colour results, and/or colour that does not last; not applying the colour evenly (sections are the trickiest), and choosing the wrong shade altogether. 

2.  Know your colours; are all unique with different skin tones and face shapes that make us uniquely beautiful.  It’s also these varying undertones that mean some hair tones are not as flattering as others. To ensure your new hair colour will make your complexion look fabulous and your eyes “pop”, it’s important to know if you are cool, warm or neutral.  Cool skin tones frequently have modes that appear blue.  Try some of these stylish cool-toned hair colours – dark brown, ash brown and platinum blond.  

On the other end of the colour wheel, warm skin tones show greenish tones and look great in gold. You can bring out your warm undertones by blending your hair colours with ash-burn, chocolate, and caramel blond.  If you are one of the few lucky ones that have a neutral skin tone every colour will suit you! 

3.  Social media; Your hairstylist may be a Loreal Colour Expert professional, but they do not read minds…  Make sure you have a good idea of what you want to achieve before your colour visit to ensure you get the perfect crazy hair or the hit hair you desire!  Social media Instagram or Twitter can be a rich source of ideas!   

How about a balayage, or got new trends!  These days there are also apps which enable you to try out different haircuts and colours by uploading a picture of yourself.  Technology in action, making your life better!

4.  Prepare your aftercare; do not get caught off guard without the right colour care post-salon. Before you take the plunge and change your hair colour, make sure to ask your professional colour expert to recommend you the right shampoo, conditioner.  This is not a one-size-fits-all situation, there are specialist products specifically designed for your hair colour! 

5.  Semi-or permanent hair colour; there are good reasons for each hair colour option, so it comes down to choosing the right one for your situation.  Go for temporary hair colour: 

  • You are looking to try out new hair colour for a holiday or event
  • You enjoy regularly changing your hair colour
  • You have not coloured your hair before and are nervous…

Go for semi-permanent hair colour:

  • Do you want to try out a new colour for the season
  • You are gradationally growing out a former hair colour
  • You want to be sure it’s the right colour for you before colouring permanently

Go for permanent hair colour: 

  • You are colour-confident
  • You want maximum colour sprightliness
  • You do not want a longer-lasting colour

Once these five points are ticked off, go and get your fabulous hair colour from your Loreal Colour Expert for crazy hair or the hot hair you desired!  How to choose a new hair colour was brought to you by Hair by Martin!

How to choose a new hair colour