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Suffering from Hair Loss? What do the experts say?

According to NIOXIN, half of the population suffer from hair loss during their lives – remember you are not alone!  As with most things in life when it comes to hair loss prevention is better than cure so if you notice signs of thinning, speak to your Hair by Martin professional hairdresser Hampstead.  He will help you choose from the best innovative hair solutions available to reduce loss. 

NIOXIN Commercial Education Manager, Sophie Ruggiero explain the following as the reasons you might be experiencing hair loss:

1. Genetic factors – Genetic hair loss, are often referred to as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia). Women may start noticing loss where they part their hair and along their hairline, men may start to see hair loss from the temple and the crown area.

Genetic hair loss can be inherited from either or even both parents. The majority of people affected by genetic hair loss start to notice the first signs of thinning hair in the 4th to 5th decades of life, but for some hair loss can start early, late teens and/or early 20s.

Nioxin can be an important part of your routine helping to slow down the thinning process making the most out of your remaining locks.  Learn more by visiting NIOXIN genetics of hair loss.

2. Stress – Stress often causes hair loss showing a strong relationship – a new job, pressure at work, living a hectic lifestyle, having a new baby, or losing a loved one close to you.  Hair loss is not immediate, and it may take 3 to 6 months after the stressful time to show – a large shift in our hairs from the growing phase to the shedding phase. This is referred to as telogen effluvium.  Read the NIOXIN article combat stress-related hair loss to learn more or speak to your professional hairdressers for innovative solutions to help you.

3.  Nutrition – Our diet plays a major role in the growth of healthy hair. It is important to consider that a healthy body and scalp support healthy hair. Hair is dependent on the scalp receiving vitamins and nutrients that are obtained from your body through what you eat.  To ensure healthy hair it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet.  

Hair growth supplements can ensure you are getting all the nutrients that sculpt and hair needs, such as zinc, iron, biotin, or vitamin D.  Remember it is important to talk to your medical practitioner before starting a new supplement if you have a medical condition.

4. Health or medication – Hair thinning can be caused by several different health concerns, such as thyroid conditions, natural hormonal changes that women experience after pregnancy or during menopause.  Hair loss can also be caused by certain medications. Your sculpt and hair follicle is incredibly sensitive to changes in your body.  It is always a good idea to consult your medical professional If you are worried about hair loss. A doctor will be able to diagnose and treat the condition that’s causing the hair loss.  You can speak to your professional hairdresser who can recommend a cosmetic solution to hair loss. 

5. Environmental – Current research demonstrates that the environment impacts our hair.  Air pollution and minerals in the water will affect the quality of the hair and contribute to hair loss.

Sun damage and hairstyling habits such as dyes, heat, and chemical straighteners can weaken the hair and contribute to hair loss.