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Blowdrying shortcuts

Unless you’re one among the blessed few who can work the wet-hair look, choosing when to wash your hair requires some planning. And when you’ve binge-watched your favourite show the night before and are rushing to get out the door, there’s simply not enough time to duplicate that salon-style blowout.

Thankfully we have five super-fast blow-drying hacks to rid you of that blow-dry bicep ache forever and assist you to achieve all of your hairstyle goals in half the time.



1. Planning


Before you go anywhere near the hairdryer, pre-dry your hair using a microfibre towel. The super-absorbent towel will absorb loads of the surface moisture, lowering blow-drying time. The less exposure your hair gets to direct heat, the better. It also leaves you with more time to do your makeup, gets dressed or watch more TV!



2. Rough dry


Rough dry hair for a couple of minutes before beginning to brush and blow-dry. If you allow yourself to leave the house thinking you’ve dried your hair only to get a hidden clump of wet hair while on your commute, you’re presumably using the incorrect hairbrush. Flat-backed brushes will hold in moisture, while a ceramic-vented round brush will leave better airflow and a speedier dry.


3. Hair rollers


Fake hot rollers by pulling your hair up into velcro rollers and then poking holes into a plastic cap. Pull the cap to one side and aim your hand blower upwards into the cap in a low-heat setting. pack up with cold air to line curls in situ.


4. Utilise your natural wave


To achieve the trending low-maintenance wavy hair look, towel-dry hair before quickly blow-drying for two-three minutes. Divide hair into sections and pop them into braids or twists. When hair has dried, simply take them out.


5. Cool Air


It might seem smart to blast the hairdryer on its highest heat setting when you’re running short on time. As tempting as it may be, this technique will dry the surface liquid and your hair’s natural moisture. As the cuticles dry out, they become brittle and dull, resulting in hair breakage and lacklustre locks.

Investing in a good hairdryer could rejuvenate your strands and give you back your shine. Dyson’s Supersonic™ hair dryer comes with intelligent heat control and four heat settings, protecting your hair’s natural shine and reducing the risk of damage.


PRO TIP: Blast your hair with cold air for the last 10 seconds of your blow-dry. This helps close your hair’s cuticles and smooth any flyaways. A cool blast of air also helps your style, locking in all-day volume or smoothness.

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